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Much of your time in the Alumni Room can be spent just looking at the pictures framed on the walls. Here is part of the collection. Since so many of these pictures are framed, many of these pictures are pictures of pictures. Enjoy the memories!

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Cabin 10 1961.jpgsunnyside BW scan 600 dpi.jpg1968 CB BW scan 600 dpi.jpgMary Hatch pen and ink sketch.jpgCB long 1983 BW scan 600 dpi.jpg1952 CB BW scan 600 dpi.jpgCB 2005 all camp from large book.jpgWaterfront 1950s snap.jpg1959 CB staff.jpg1955 Waterfront boats snap.jpg1955 Cabin 15 Ralph's cabin pic snap.jpgMary hatch pen and ink sketch 2 snap.jpgUniform Letter from Jane Fehrs.jpg1967 CB BW b scan 600 dpi.jpgStaff 1949 scan 600 dpi.jpg1953 all camp BW snap.jpgCB long 1976 all camp scan 600 dpi.jpg1926 CB long from AR wall.jpgCB long 1982 all camp scan 600 dpi.jpgDad Hurd in Dining Hall snap.jpg