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These panoramic black and white pictures were taken in the 1910's and 1920's and are kept in the dining hall at Camp Billings on Lake Fairlee, Vermont. They represent the early years of camp, when there was a boys session and a girls session. If you look carefully, you can find Dad Hurd in many of these photos.

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1923 Girls ball game on clocktower lawn snap pan.jpg1930~ girls at gate snap.jpg2000 All camp snap pan.jpgMan with hat DH snap.jpgWhatever is worth doing is worth doing well.jpg1928 boys session BW snap pan.jpg1923 Tennis photo weber resized merged.jpg1924 boys session BW snap pan.jpg1922 boys session snap pan weber.jpg1998 All camp snap pan.jpg1925 girls clocktower lawn and tennis snap pan.jpgDad Hurd from DH color snap.jpg1926 girls session BW snap pan.jpg1930~ girls at gate snap pan.jpg1926 girls session BW damaged no sig snap pan.jpg